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Send time capsules with bucket-list or messages to your future self, family and friends! Send the photos from you and your friends to your future and share them again many years later!
Preserve your memories for next generations!

Memoires - people with friends
Be reminded of the life goals you and your friends wrote down at the age of 20 and that you all wanted to achieve at 50.
Surprise your grandchildren in 20 years when they receive videos from you, where you are sharing them your personal values in life.
Memoires - A Family

Never forget to send birthday or other wishes again.  Send them in advance and Memoires app will deliver them on the day you’ve scheduled in the future!

What Memoires offers

A service that allows you to preserve & share your memories with your future self, family or friends on moments you scheduled in the future.

Memoires Reviews

Supercool concept!! I made my own mailbox for my little girl Jana that I occasionally send things to. This app might remind me of that. In addition, it saves me to keep track of the birthday calendar. On the one hand efficiency gains, on the other hand a strengthening of ties with family and friends. And then I'm a fairly organized person, so this app is going to be a fantastic help for a lot of forgetful people among us. Go for it!!


As a young teenager myself I would love to know what will happen in my future! Unfortunately I can’t, BUT I can’t wait to see what friendships I will still have, my pets, my goals,... I love the idea of having an app that let me look back at my teenage years and that reminds me of my goals so I can see if I have accomplished every goal I had!

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Wow! I'm a fan. the day this app is available I will use it during my coaching sessions. to conclude my training sessions, I have the participants write a letter to themselves. I post those letters a year later. as soon as the app is ready I will use it instead of letters, much easier!


Fantastic idea! as soon as the app is ready I hurry with my camera to my parents and let them leave all kinds of messages. I send them to my children's future. they are going to get those messages when they are adults. splendid!


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Be remembered forever! Share your values and your precious moments with your loved ones and next generations.

Challenge your friends to do the same!

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